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Upscale Operating Group

A leading company in the field of tourism and hotel management, with a well-studied and clear strategic vision, aiming to serve customers and contribute to supporting the sources of national economic income in the Kingdom, and to achieve positive results for the vision (2030), as the company provides many services at the highest levels.

The idea started after previous experiences in this field since 1998 in serving hotels and pilgrims and making all arrangements for reservations for them until the idea developed and became an instant electronic reservation system for all hotel reservations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad as well.

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  • Very fast booking and Notification.
  • 24 Hours romm services.
  • Pickup and drop services include with hotel booking.
  • Breakfat include with hotel room booking.
  • Guide supply for touriest and our guest.
  • Food and resturant service.
  • Swiming pool and indoor sports instuments.
  • Televesition and wifi facility in each room.
  • Nice view and our special resort beside the beach.
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Awesome Places

The Best Value Under the Sun
Awesome Place

Mountain City

Place with Mountain, Beach and Resoart
72 Km far
Awesome Place

Seneora Beach

Blue water beach and test of white sand
15 Km far
Awesome Place

Beach Market

Shopping local product and everything
12 Km far